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Welcome to Sacred Sword Tattoo

We opened in 2023 with the idea that artists should simply get to be artists.

That includes supporting other artists especially in our industry. We are lucky enough

to have a career where we provide a pretty rad service that nobody will ever actually need.

That being said we also value our clients more than anything. We want you as

comfortable as possible and to always feel welcome. With a wide variety of styles we feel 

confident we can exceed your expectations when it comes to your custom tattoos 

in a positive, professional, and clean environment. If we are not the fit for you we are

humble enough to recommend a few other artists who we feel could get the job done. 

Walk ins are welcome, however we generally are appointment only. We do have one walk

in Friday monthly which we post on our Instagram @sacredswordtattoo. For

estimates, consultations, or booking simple appointments you can reach out directly to any

artist via their email or Instagram below. You'll also find a gallery, location, hours, our policies, and

some other information below. For full portfolios, please visit our Instagrams directly.

We will tattoo minors 16+ with parental or a legal guardian with paperwork's consent. 

However we will not tattoo anyone who is drunk, on drugs, racist, homophobic, aggressive,

pregnant, injured, barefoot, cheap or obnoxious. 

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Artist / Owner

Instagram: @art_by_ferg

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Instagram: @katiekat.tats

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Instagram: @jillynk

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Instagram: @jparsonstattoo

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4739 S 96th Street
maha, NE 68127

402 - 212 - 4818



Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10am-6pm

Wednesday: 10am-3pm

Thursday: 10am-6pm

Friday: 1pm-6pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm


We are generally appointment only however, walk ins are always welcome. Pay special attention to our Instagram,  all of us frequently have random walk in days. Instagram: @sacredswordtattoo


Location and Hours
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Sacred Sword Tattoo and General Aftercare


Recovery Derm:

1. Leave on for 3-5 days. You can shower, workout, whatever you like just avoid standing water (lake, hot tub, bath, ocean, pools). You may accumulate a bubble of fluid underneath that is normal. When using derm you are starting the healing process without oxygen, so there is no coagulation phase (scabbing). The plasma in your blood will be leaking underneath the bandage / adhesive / second skin. Try to leave it on for the full 3-5 days, if it leaks, push all the remaining fluid out of the area it leaked from and put a bandaid over that spot. You can take it off early and switch to the remaining portion of this aftercare if that's the case, but is not recommended. 

2. Eventually the fluid will start to dry out which is a good indication of when to remove it. Remove it in the shower with warm as opposed to hot water, and peel like a command strip. Followed by washing it with an unscented ANTIBACTERIAL soap. 

3. For about the next 3-7 days apply a thin layer of Aquaphor, A&D, regular lotion, or After Inked to clean skin 1-3 times a day. Do not hesitate to reach out directly to your artist with any questions. 


Any other type of Derm (Saniderm, Tegaderm, etc…):

Follow Recovery Derm’s same aftercare steps 2 and 3 however only leave it on for 1-2 days initially.


Allergy to medical adhesive / no derm:

We would likely be using cling wrap which you would only leave on for up to an hour. Shower generally when you get home and proceed into step 2 of Recovery Derm’s aftercare. As for step 3 with no derm you may need to extend the use of ointment up to 14 days. 

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Deposit Policy:


Due to the frequency of cancellations, reschedules, and our upfront labor in the industry we will always ask for a non-refundable $60 deposit unless specific terms are discussed with the artist. We accept cash, card, and venmo.

As artists our time is valuable, but that hardly seems to be the case these days. We are seen as a service for you and only you, however we serve a wide variety of people every day. We are also people and this is our income. When you no call no show, are late, cancel, or reschedule last minute that directly impacts our finances. We do not charge for artwork, but we will be strict with deposits. 


Reasons why your deposit would be forfeit in full:


  • No call no showing your appointment. 

  • Canceling within 48 hours prior to your appointment. No matter what the circumstances are you also only get 3 reschedules within that 48 hour timeframe before an artist has the right to no longer work with you. 

  • If you show up 30+ minutes late with no warning / reason. 

  • If you arrive drunk, without valid identification, on drugs, aggressive, in an altered or negative state of mind, injured, or even barefoot. Essentially anything that would warrant us not being comfortable or it’s legally an issue tattooing you. 

  • If you come in and want a completely different tattoo that was not discussed or mentioned beforehand. This also applies to drastic design or location changes.


We understand life happens, if you notify us on a day off via voicemail, email, or direct messages we absolutely will not hold that against you as long as it's out of the 48 hour window, however any of the above reasons will not be tolerated. Rescheduling outside of the 48 hour window is always acceptable, but please still give us as much notice as possible if you cannot make your appointment. For within 48 hours, day of, or last minute cancellations again we understand life happens, however at that point we can still pull your deposit. That will be up to the artist in terms of determining if they will take your deposit or not. Sacred Sword Tattoo will always back their decision. 

Design Policy:


Designs will never be emailed or revealed early. 

By booking an appointment with an artist you either have felt confident in their work by seeing it online, a brief online discussion via email or Instagram, or an in person consultation. At the end of the day we are artists and if we go through with booking your tattoo based off verbal description as well as photo references we feel comfortable giving you the best version of the tattoo you want. 

By putting down a deposit you agree with those terms. The day of your tattoo you will see linework / a stencil for your tattoo. We will rarely fully render your tattoo for multiple reasons.

First, being the trust and communication when booking with us.

Second, we simply do not have time to fully render, shade, and color the final product for 5-20 tattoos a week when we tattoo all day as well as draw all morning and night already. We also have lives outside of the shop.

Lastly, we understand if we show you a fully colored or shaded design you may feel less inclined to speak up when it comes to changes you may want to make. That seems pushy and unfair to you. It’s incredibly important you are a part of the process when deciding what is going on your body forever. That does include minimal changes, we will never be upset about a few small design alterations. We will also never be upset about changing locations as long as it does not force a complete design change.

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